Decision 2014: Gun Violence, and Voters Crossing Over

Last year David Alvarez introduced a resolution before a council committee urging the State, and the Congress to beef up gun laws.

Alvarez has the support of the Latino Peace Officers Association.

“I'm calling on Kevin Faulconer to do the same. He's not supported the resolution calling for common sense gun legislation,” says Alvarez.

Neither did Alvarez' colleagues, his resolution died in committee.

Alvarez also called on Faulconer to sign the Mayor's Against Illegal Guns Pledge.

“My opponent has not signed the pledge for mayors against illegal guns, and there is no commitment to do so in the future,” adds Alverez.

“It's kind of odd that he would raise this issue. I'm proud to have the support of the police officers association, and sheriff Bill Gore,” responds Faulconer.

Despite the odds, Alvarez, and his supporters intend to keep this issue alive.

“Weak federal gun laws continue to permit out of state criminals to purchase large quantities of weapons from gun stores by using straw purchasers,” say Formal Federal Agent Kimberly Beatty. 

“The legislation prevents the sale, manufacture and importation of assault rifles with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds,” says Kelly McCarthy.

“David Alvarez advocated for our neighborhoods when we stood up to the gun lobby and said Enough,” adds Alvarez supporter.

Meantime, Kevin Faulconer was on Mission Bay getting endorsements from Democrats, lifelong Democrats.

“As a lifelong democrat I don't normally support Republicans for anything but Kevin Faulconer is an exception to that rule,” says Jeff Van Deerlin.

Barbara Eban adds, “He does not want what's right for only democrats or republicans but he wants what's right for all of San Diego.”

“He worked with former council president Tony Young, a Democrat, to stabilize the city's financial situation,” says Bruce Williams.

“Kevin has always led by example with an informed, fair, bipartisan approach that gets the job done,” adds Christy Victor.

Faulconer says these endorsers know it's not about partisanship, it's about leadership.

“As we head into the final two weeks of this campaign my message is very clear, we are a great city, when we are united there's nothing we can't do,” says Faulconer.

Campaign cash continues to build. Alvarez and his supporters collected 4-plus million dollars. Faulconer and his supporters have just under 3 million, and two weeks to go.


Steve Bosh


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