Del Mar City Council votes on banning puppy mills

DEL MAR (KUSI) — California is on its way to being the first state to ban stores from selling commercially bred animals.

The puppy mill issue was on the agenda for city council consideration in Del Mar Monday.

It’s called AB 45. It’s a statewide bill that would make it illegal for pet stores to sell cats, dogs or rabbits unless they are from an animal shelter or 501CS rescue group.

Passed out of the assembly with bi-partisan support, it will now move to the state Senate.

But before the statewide bill passes, the Del Mar City Council is taking matters into its own hands, voting on an ordinance that would ban the selling of animals from commercial breeding facilities in their city.

The bans are a response to mass breeders and puppy mills and the horrific condition those animals live in.

Activists have been pushing this bill for a long time, which will still allow people to get animals from reputable breeders and rescue groups.

Pet stores will no longer be able to sell animals they have purchased from brokers.

The statewide bill is a bigger effort to reduce the euthanasia rate in America, where 35 million cats and dogs are put down each year.

The Del Mar ban will be very similar to the San Marcos ordinance that was passed in 2016.

The council Monday unanimously supported the ordinance. They will now direct staff to review the verbiage.and then the final ordinance will be voted on in a few weeks.

Not one councilmember opposed the ban and the council did not receive any emails from the public opposing this ordinance either.

Multiple cities across San Diego County have already banned pet stores from selling dogs from commercial breeding facilities, including Encinitas, Solana Beach and Oceanside. 

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