Del Mar leaders make final push for Measure G before Primary election

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With election day near, the voters in Del Mar have a big decision to make, it’s called Measure G.

This is a ballot measure that will decide the fate of the largest piece of ocean front property in Southern California.

If they vote “yes,” it would change the local zoning laws to allow a developer to build a resort and open access to the public.

A “no” vote would allow the developer to build private estates with no public access. Either way, this land will be developed.

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. It’s a rare day when we have an opportunity to build such a world class resort,” said former Del Mar Mayor Terry Sinot.

The land in question is 17-acres with ocean views that will blow your mind. It’s been privately owned and closed off for the last 100-years. Depending on the vote, it could be closed off for eternity.

“If we don’t get the vote, this land will remain private forever. If we do, this land will be developed into a public resort with public access. Over two-thirds of this land will be open space,” said Brad Termini, CEO of Zypher Co.

However, opponents of the measure are worried about increased traffic, noise during construction, blocking ocean views and the eroding cliffs where this would be built.

“This project will abide by all environmental laws, we’ve done an EIR and we’re abiding by SEQUA, the California Environmental Laws. We’re going to capture and reuse the run-off on the cliffs and we’re spending millions to replenish the sand below,” said Robert Green, Pres. of the Robert Green Co.

While a lot of people have doubts, this project also calls for building affordable housing on this very expensive ocean front property.

“There is reason to be skeptical. Del Mar has only built one affordable housing project in 30-years. There is going to be affordable housing here and it’s going to happen if this is approved,” said Termini.

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