Del Mar officials concerned about unstable bluffs with more rain on the way

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Following heavy rains, a section of the Del Mar bluffs collapsed sometime around Friday morning, Nov. 29, within feet of the train tracks that regularly carry passengers between Los Angeles and San Diego.

The cliff failure occurred south of Seagrove Park, in front of the Wave Crest condominium complex, according to observers.

The North County Transit District repaired a soggy and crumbling portion of the bluff on Saturday, but by Monday, a new area of concern appeared. Crews are now being instructed to keep an around-the-clock eye on any movement.

While the NCTD investigates what needs to be done, trains are limited to 30 mph and frieght trains can only go 10 mph.

Del Mar city officials are concerned over the fragile bluffs, which become more unstable every time it rains. With more rain expected to hit the city Tuesday night, some are calling for a long term solution, before it’s too late.

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