Del Mar says short-term rentals not allowed in residential areas

DEL MAR (KUSI) — The city of Del Mar decided Monday under current city codes short-term vacation rentals are not allowed in strictly residential areas, banning any new short-term rentals from cropping up in Del Mar.

The battle in Del Mar brewed Monday night over the future of short-term vacation rentals.

Currently, there is a moratorium on renting homes to tourists for less than 45 days, but at a meeting Monday night, residents weighed the pros and cons of the popular summer business.

The 4-1 decision was that short-term rentals were not allowed under current code. Existing short-term rentals can continue to exist under the moratorium, but no new rentals would be allowed.  

This topic caused a major divide among residents.

Twenty-one residents filed the appeal to bring the issue up to city council. They are apart of the "Save Our Neighborhood" group. 

One group says renting out your home to tourists is your right as a homeowner. It’s an easy way to make extra money.

Another group is saying it’s becoming a big business for people to buy homes in Del Mar for the sole purpose of renting them out to tourists. 

Del Mar is a tight-knit, upscale community mainly made up of retirees. Those opposed to Airbnbs, and other renting businesses like that, argue real residents in San Diego are having a harder time finding homes to buy.

They say these tourists are messy, noisy and it’s like having different strangers moving in next to you on a rotating basis. 

A potential middle group between these two groups would be making people who rent out their homes register with the city of Del Mar and pay for a permit. 

They’re also considering zoning certain neighborhoods to be off-limits to short-term vacation rentals.

Of course, those who want to rent out their homes say that blocking them from doing so not only hurts their income, but prevents tourists from staying and spending money in Del Mar.

The fight for short-term rentals is not over. The city must now decide whether to amend their code to allow for rentals in the future or to strictly prohibit them in even commercial areas. This will be discussed at the next meeting on May 1. 

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