Del Mar short-term vacation rental moratorium continues to divide community

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — This week, the Del mar city council re-affirmed it’s decision to continue a moratorium on short-term vacation rentals. A decision that continues to divide the community.

The word is moratorium, not a ban as many headlines have read, erroneously suggesting that Del Mar’s city council is doing away with all short-term vacation rentals, when in fact, the current decision applies only to new rentals if they are for less than 30-days.

The simple truth in what Del Mar is learning is a complex issue is that Del Mar zoning codes have no language addressing such rentals.

"This is a contentious, complicated issue, half the community for, half against, property owners say they have rights, we hope to reach consensus because Del Mar has always been a welcoming community to vacationers, the racetrack, the beaches." Said Del Mar mayor Terry Sinnott.

"Our community plan drafted in 1976, no rentals, no internet, so we looked at language there is none, no language in documents saying short term rentals," said Sinnott, "Now we have to figure are what are the regulations, what is allowed, going forward, time table, within the next two months, I’m hoping we can do that."

What the council did this past Monday night was to ratify a decision made two weeks ago when residents packed the chambers.

Mayor Sinnott was the lone no vote this past Monday, because he says there hasn’t been enough data, as yet, on the size of the problem.

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