Del Norte Nighthawks soaring their way to the gateway to the college gridiron

The countdown continues to July 20th, when we’ll know the fate of high school sports for the fall. In the meantime, these athletes have to keep working so they are prepared for when the time comes, which is exactly what they’re doing in 4-S ranch because as the nighthawks have found out in recent years, every little bit counts for getting to the next level.

“We’re going to plan and practice and prepare like we’re going to have a full season and if we don’t whatever we do we’ll adjust back. Right now we are just running routes, learning techniques and practicing apart from each other but we’re still moving and grooving and doing the things. We’re having fun and its just great to be around the kids again” said Del Norte Head Coach Leigh Cole.

At this point, it is still undetermined whether there will be a 2020 fall football season, but that won’t stop Del Norte’s ultimate goal of getting these young athletes to the next level.

“Del Norte has been known to become the Gateway to the College Gridiron. In the last 2 years were sending 20 kids to play college football. Of the ten this year, half of them are going to a D1 school. It just shows that Coach Cole has prepared them both on the field and the school has prepared them academically for the riggers of a more challenging collegiate program” said Blake Isaacson, Vice President of the Touchdown Club.

“Once I got the head coaching position I realized how much power and how much influence have on allowing kids to play college football. I just grind on them, get your grades up that’s number one. If you have great grades then you can do anything, so when they have those great grades from a challenging and rigorous academic school, those colleges know they are going to get a kid who can not only play football with great technical skills but is going to be successful in the classroom” said Coach Cole.


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