Westview Wolverines 34, Del Norte Nighthawks 7

Fridays contest between the Del Norte Nighthawks and the Westview Wolverines proved to be rather enjoyable for one side, and not so enjoyable for the other. For the Wolverines, it was a great game in which they effectively managed both offense and defense. Del Norte’s Nighthawks left the game with the same feeling of defeat they experienced in Week 3.

The game schedule read “Del Norte Nighthawks vs. Westview Wolverines”, but what most fans in attendance really ended up seeing was the “Beau Nelson Show”. Westview’s starting quarterback threw for a touchdown on his first possession and never looked back, as this was only a sign of things to come. As it turns out Nelson was setting a pace, a pace that finished with four touchdown passes and triple figures in passing yards. If four passing touchdowns weren’t impressive enough, try having each one go to a different receiver. The arsenal of wide receivers for Westview was on full display as Connor Simpson, Jackson Nau, Benjo O’Brien and Zack Ratzlaff each caught a touchdown pass from Beau Nelson. Not to be outdone by the offense, Westview’s defense turned in a performance which forced two Del Norte turnovers and kept the Nighthawks in check. By imposing their defense the Wolverines were able to squash any hopes of a Del Norte comeback throughout the game, and only gave up a last-minute touchdown towards the end of the fourth quarter.

Del Norte’s Nighthawks fought the entire game but were just ultimately not able to find the end zone on many occasions. Unfortunately for the Nighthawks they ran into the “brick wall” that was Westview’s suffocating defense. They also ran into a brick wall that they seemed to set for themselves. Every time Del Norte looked to fight back they would somehow give the ball back to Westview. Whether it was turnover on downs or turnovers during possessions the Nighthawks would ultimately lose the ball and their momentum. Credit Westview’s defense for getting key stops when needed, but the Nighthawks never games themselves a chance to retaliate and deficit grew until it became insurmountable. 34-7 is a final score that makes it seem like the Nighthawks were beat badly, but Del Norte showed flashes of success. The Nighthawks must take their moments of success and sustain them, in order to find the end zone during Week 5 and avoid a third straight loss.

Friday’s game has The Westview Wolverines back on the winning track and looking for their second straight win as the host the Torrey Pines Falcons in Week 5. The Del Norte Nighthawks will be looking to end their losing streak as they host the Poway Titans. Both games are scheduled to take place Friday September 22nd, at 7:00 P.M.

PREVIEW: This Friday, the Del Norte Nighthawks will take on the Westview Wolverines in a game that will give both teams the opportunity to move on from forgettable performances in Week 3.

After a flawless start to the season the Westview Wolverines are coming off a tough 48-6 loss at the hands of the Cathedral Catholic Dons. A similar fate took place last week for the Del Norte Nighthawks as they suffered a 61-3 loss against the San Marcos Knights. Thankfully for both squads, the margin of loss is of no importance. Although both teams lost by over forty points, it is only one loss and both teams will be looking to get back on the winning track.

It is likely that we will see both teams taking advantage on different sides of the ball. Del Norte will be looking for an offensive performance similar to the one seen in Week 2. The Nighthawks earned their first win of the season that second week after being led by a tandem of Jefferson Daynes and Jonathan Cappiello, who combined for over two hundred yards and two touchdowns.

On the other side of the football, the Westview Wolverines will be looking for a boost from their defense in order to slow down the Nighthawks. Westview’s defense could prove troublesome for Del Norte, especially if it returns for form. The Wolverines came out with absolutely smothering defensive performances in the first two weeks which saw them hold their opponents scoreless.

Until Friday determines a winner, both teams will be working hard to make the necessary adjustments to return to winning form. Only one thing is certain, both teams have more than enough firepower to erase the bad memory of Week 3 and emerge victorious in Week 4.

Kick-off takes place 7:00 P.M. Friday at Mount Carmel High School. For postgame coverage, don’t forget to watch the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30 P.M. where you’ll see all the latest team news and highlights. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @KUSIPPR and @RedJacketArmy for live updates and all kinds of PPR exclusives. 

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