DeMaio blasts Sanders and State legislators for raiding the City General Fund in back-room deal

Councilman Carl DeMaio, San Diego City Council Member (District 5) appeared on the KUSI News at 6pm on Friday and claimed San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders played a “shell game” to shift money from the city's General Fund while campaigning for a large tax increase (Proposition D).

Interviewed by KUSI's Sandra Maas and Allen Denton, Councilman DeMaio stated “It's kind of ironic.  The Mayor is always saying ‘I don't like it when the state raids our money…' and he went up there and lobbied behind closed doors to get Sacramento to take our money from the General Fund.” 

DeMaio claimed that the deal would cost San Diego's General Fund billions of dollars over the course of time.  He said the City Council was “shocked today” by the lack of input from the public or the Council – and finds it ironic that the Mayor is “threatening police, fire, and roads” by campaigning for Proposition D. 

“It's called into question, the trust.  We need a massive tax increase…then turn around and raid the General Fund and give money to the redevelopment agency?  It's bad government.”

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