DeMaio calls on Supervisor Nathan Fletcher to resign after making ‘false and dangerous’ smears

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After the riot at the United States Capitol, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher spoke harshly about President Trump and his supporters during a California Democratic Party livestream “to protect our democracy.”

Since the election, Fletcher has routinely called for unity and for people to come together, but is now going against his own words.

Supervisor Fletcher called the more than 1 million Californians who signed the petition to recall Governor Newsom, “Trump inspired conspiracy theorists,” who are “now seeking to undermine our democracy in California.”

Furthermore, Fletcher said the Californians leading the recall effort “are linked in associate with Neo Nazi, with white supremacists, with right wing militia groups, and we cannot stand for this here either.”

Fletcher’s comments come as the Recall Newsom campaign is seeing more support than ever before, and critics say it is just a way for California Democrats to try and discredit the strong opposition to Newsom.

Mayor Gloria said the recall is an attempt to “overturn a democratic election” and “to undermine the voted of millions of people.” Mayor Gloria did not mention that recalls are legal, and is the correct way to go about opposing an election.

Fletcher concluded by demonizing former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who worked with President Trump on various projects during his presidency, including the border wall that our border patrol agents have said has been successful.

In response to Fletcher’s hateful comments towards those who oppose Governor Newsom’s policies, Carl DeMaio is calling on him to resign “for making these false and dangerous smears.”

Demaio joined KUSI’s Good Evening San Diego to demand Fletcher apologize, and further explain his call for Fletcher to resign.

Thursday, The LA Times editorial board slammed the California Democrat Party for allowing comments like these against the effort to Recall Gavin Newsom. The article titled, “Recall is not a ‘coup’ or a joke,” said the California Democrat Party, “chose to kick off their counter-campaign with a ridiculous branding strategy that undermined the state’s legitimate direct democracy system, while engaging in the same type of inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric that we’ve seen all too often from President Trump and his allies. Shame.”

Fletcher’s complete comments are below:

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