DeMaio has a plan for veterans if elected to Congress

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Carl DeMaio campaign for Congress was endorsed today by local veteran leaders, as well as the 4th Secretary of the Veteran’s Affairs Department, Anthony Principi.

DeMaio was also peppered with questions about the investigation that produced no charges related to the burglary of his campaign office, or allegations of sexual abuse.

The police chief said there was a thorough investigation, no stone left unturned, but the case would remain open.

DeMaio indicated the case was closed.

“In light of the very clear statement made by our DA yesterday, and our police chief that there was a thorough investigation, and they have concluded that there is no substantiation to proceed forward with any charges. I think I’ll let their determination and their investigation speak volumes, and I’m gonna focus on the issues like reforming the VA,” said DeMaio.

If elected, DeMaio has a four point plan to improve quality of care and the administration of benefits to veterans by restructuring the V.A.

“When I’m in Congress, I can be a strong voice of reforming the way the VA operates. What I have heard is we have the ability to fix the Vets Affairs Department, but it will take bold Congressional action, and accountability on the part of the administration for implementation of a series of reforms,” DeMaio.

Including accountability.

DeMaio will have a full time veterans benefits coordinator in his office.

Rewards: merit based pay instead of automatic increases.

Audits: Civilian auditors and efficiency experts.

And competition: let private hospitals be the V.A.’s backup system.

Two local retired admirals want DeMaio in Congress.

“I am absolutely convinced that unless we have a Congress that’s willing to get off polarizing issues and reach consensus, we’re going to be in even greater trouble. Send Carl to Congress,” said Admiral Bob Halder.

“We need a dynamic, decentralized, consumer driven problem solving approach to America’s dilemma and the man who can help us achieve that is Carl DeMaio,” said Admiral Pete Heckman.

A couple of reporters honed in on what DeMaio called the smear campaign by Scott Peters, whose campaign would not let go of the sexual allegations.

DeMaio said he wanted to talk about the issues, but reporters would not relent. What influence would the allegations have on the campaign?

“At the end of the day San Diegan’s want to know how do we make government work. How do we get people back to work, how do we hold government accountable,” said DeMaio.

The back and forth went on for a bit. DeMaio closed by saying if Congressman Peters and the media want to focus on the mud, go ahead. He will focus on the issues, including our veterans.

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