Democrat Assemblywoman Akilah Weber to host backpack and vaccination drive

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Democrat Assemblywoman Dr. Akilah Weber is hosting her annual Backpack Giveaway on Saturday, August, 13th.

But this year comes with a controversial twist, in addition to free backpacks filled with school supplies, Weber will have medical practitioners on site to inject young students with COVID-19 and HPV vaccines.

Weber posted to Instagram that the event has reached over 1,000 submissions, and that registration has been closed.

Community members are outraged, as they feel Assemblywoman Weber is bribing these families and students with school supplies if they take the jab.

Opponents to Weber’s events have organized a protest to “tell Dr. Akilah Weber to STOP coercing & bribing our children.”

Akilah Weber Backpack Drive Protest

Flyer promoting protest against Assemblywoman Akilah Weber’s backpack giveaway

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