Democrat San Diego City Councilwoman Jen Campbell vying to be next council president

UPDATE 12/11/20: Dr. Jennifer Campbell was elected San Diego’s new City Council president Thursday night in a narrow 5-4 vote after nearly seven hours of public testimony.

Council members voting for Campbell were Chris Cate, Stephen Whitburn, Marni von Wilpert and Raul Campillo. Council members voting for Montgomery Steppe were Vivian Moreno, Joe LaCava and Sean Elo-Rivera. Both Campbell and Montgomery Steppe voted for themselves.

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Councilmember Jennifer Campbell is running for President of the San Diego City Council, which the new City Council cohort will elect in the coming month. “Throughout my term, I’ve made it a priority to put the City’s best interest ahead of my own immediate political gain,” said Councilmember Campbell. “I’ve taken a pragmatic, objective approach to building coalitions and working with each of my Council colleagues, despite our differences, to deliver positive outcomes for all of our communities.”

Among other duties, the City Council President sets the Council agenda and has appointing authority for Council committees. The newly elected City Council will be sworn into office and elect the City Council President on December 10, 2020.

Councilwoman Campbell joined KUSI News to explain why she wants to be City Council President on KUSI News.

It is worth noting that back in August, Campbell demanded the Sheriff arrest people who don’t wear masks or social distance.

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