Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs unveils ‘Veterans App’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — San Diego County’s North Inland Live Well Center is home to a veterans resource center, but once a year, the county’s commitment to veterans goes bigger.

The second annual Veterans Forum is a resource fair for veterans in need of services.

But the event is also about the service providers themselves — collaborating, networking, awareness of each other.

“I’m going to tell you we are a model, everyone watching us and our collaboration with non-profits to help veterans,” Director of Military and Veterans Affairs Will Quintong said. “Today also marks the unveiling of a veterans app, developed nationally, but programmed locally.”

The Live Well Center is in County Supervisor Bill Horn’s district. In 1970, the then Marine Captain returned from the jungles of Vietnam, to a stateside marine base’s parking lot.  He had his orders, but imagine the emotions associated with such a sudden transition from a war zone.

“This app is going to be great, these young kids returning, know all about these iPhones and it has all the services, and if you can’t find something, information number, dial that and get what you need, so we’re …launching that today.” 

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