Detailed site plan for proposed MLS stadium released

San Diego (KUSI) — The local group of investors who want to bring Major League Soccer to San Diego released new renderings Monday of their stadium and development at Qualcomm.

As the plan moves forward, it will not succeed without the support of the mayor and city council, which to date, has not been forthcoming. 

If the city’s endorsement does not come by June, San Diego will not be considered as one of four expansion teams that will be selected this fall.

When the plan was announced last month, the mayor did not endorse it, but merely restate his comments that it’s another opportunity for developing the Qualcomm site.

Nick Stone of FS Investors said the mayor has been enthusiastic about bringing soccer to the city.

"I hope that that he will review the details of the plan that he is now receiving quickly and be able to provide us with an endorsement but I don’t know that for sure," Stone said.

That goes for the city council as well.

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"We look forward to getting their thoughts and feedback and we hope and strongly expect endorsements,"  Stone added.

San Diego State has concerns that the plan conveys no revenue or rights of ownership, normally associated with turning over the stadium to the university in five years.

"The idea that this not only creates the excitement around soccer and the development but also solves what I think is an inevitable problem for San Diego football program," Altman said.

SDSU also worried that the density will crowd out room for a 40,000 seat stadium. 

In any even, here is the basic plan: 

  • 4800 residential, student and affordable housing units
  • 2.4 million square-feet of office space
  • 740,000 square-feet of commercial space
  • Two hotels with up to 450 rooms

"There will be 34 acres of river park and 12 acres of active recreation fields for the community to use, you will see that front loaded," Stone said.

The complex has green on three sides. The red is retail, the yellow is residential and blue is office.

The investors will purchase less than 80 acres at fair market value, and lease the remaining parcels of land.

"I think we’re a rising tide that’s gonna life a lot of boats here, we’re gonna bring a lot of international soccer, we’re gonna bring a lot of tourism, we’re gonna create an economic hub," Stone said.

And relieve the city of $12 million a year it loses at Qualcomm. 

72,000 signatures will be gathered for a ballot measure and presented to the council in June. 

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