Detectives investigate two unrelated stabbings, both occurring on Imperial Avenue

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Detectives Tuesday were investigating two apparently unrelated nonfatal stabbings in Logan Heights — including a bizarre double-assault involving a man armed with a squeegee — with both victims found about half an hour apart and within about two blocks of each other on Imperial Avenue, police said.

The first assault, involving an initial assailant with a knife and then the squeegee-wielding attacker, occurred about 5:35 p.m. Monday outside Town Liquor in the 2200 block of Imperial Avenue, San Diego police officer John Buttle said.

The 53-year-old victim was outside the liquor store when he got into an argument with another man for unknown reasons.

"During the argument the suspect stabbed the victim in the right leg and fled,” Buttle said. "A second suspect who was not involved in the first altercation jumped in and hit the victim with a squeegee, lacerating the victim’s head.”

Police responded to the scene, and a few blocks away arrested the suspect accused of stabbing the victim in the leg, Buttle said. Police could not find the second suspect who attacked with the squeegee, and he remained at large Tuesday. Police said it was unclear if the two suspects knew each other.

The victim was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries and detectives were sent to investigate the double attack, Buttle said.

Less than 40 minutes later, a little before 6:15 p.m., police officers were driving in the 1600 block of Imperial Avenue when they noticed two brothers walking eastbound, one who appeared to be bleeding, Buttle said. The officers turned around and caught up with the brothers in the 2000 block of Imperial Avenue.

The 31-year-old victim refused to tell police what happened to him other than to say he was assaulted and stabbed by two young men, Buttle said. Paramedics took the victim to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and detectives were dispatched to investigate the stabbing. No suspects were in
custody for the assault.

The apparently unrelated incidents were just two of at least five stabbings across the county on Monday.

Earlier in the day, police said a suspect in his 40s stabbed a 50-year-old man in an unprovoked attack at a San Ysidro apartment complex. The suspect in that assault was arrested at a nearby trolley station a short time later.

A little later in the afternoon, a woman stabbed a 54-year-old man at a Sprinter station in Oceanside, leaving him with life-threatening injuries, according to Oceanside police. Witnesses identified a woman as the assailant and she was arrested.

Then on Monday night, two people were stabbed at a City Heights homeless encampment, including a 29-year-old man who died from his wounds and a woman who was being treated at Scripps Mercy Hospital. The suspect in that slaying, who fled the scene with a woman, remained at-large today.

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