Did You Hear the Rumor about the Chargers?

“A little bird” told a sport radio talk show host in Toronto that the San Diego Chargers were moving to Los Angeles.  That radio guy went on the air with his rumor and now Charger fans are buzzing again.  It's important to them and it's important to the city and that's why a rumor from a “bird” in Toronto can affect the psyche of San Diego.

 The radio station sports reporter claims that Phillip Anshutz, who owns the L.A. Kings and the Staples Center, is buying a 35 percent share of the Chargers and moving them north to a new stadium in downtown Los Angeles.  The comments aired Tuesday afternoon and the tsunami hit San Diego on Wednesday.  No one is saying it is true.  In fact, the Chargers are denying that there is a deal.  Mark Fabiani, the Chargers lawyer, issued a statement saying, “At this moment, no sale of the minority interest in the team is imminent, and if a sale is made, it would be made public and the new owner would be required to go through the NFL approval process.” 

 KUSI called a public relations representative for Anshutz, who refused to comment on anything.  However, there was no denial.  We should not read anything into that. 

 But wait; let's go back to the Chargers statement.  The lawyer said, “At this moment” there is no deal.  Should we read between those words that they are talking about a deal?   Anshultz would not make any deal for any team until he knows for sure he has a stadium for them to play.  Right now, the city of Los Angeles has not decided whether or not to help fund a stadium in downtown L.A., so any talk of buying a team or a part of a team is legally and financially premature.

 Keep in mind that the Chargers are also trying to negotiate for a new stadium in San Diego and any talk of them leaving would only enhance the pressure on city leaders to get a deal done here.  Is that part of this rumor? 

 In the news business we try not to report rumors.  We try to find out the truth and then report.  Obviously this sports reporter in Toronto and his “little bird” didn't really care of they got it right as long as they got it on the air.  It is causing others to try to find the truth and clear up any misconceptions. 

 Then again, the “little bird” could be right.

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