Digital Gym Cinema sells out The Interview Christmas Day showings

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It is a Merry Christmas gift from Sony to North Korea, and the country, the wide digital release of The Interview.

On Christmas Day, the limited theatrical release of the film will happen in about 300 theaters, including one in San Diego.

The Digital Gym in North Park has already sold out all showtimes for Christmas Day, for the satirical comedy about two television journalists attempting to assassinate North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un.

The Digital Gym is a non-profit independent film house in North Park.

“No, we don’t have any concerns. I mean, that idea of fear, kind of hyped-up, cancelling the movie is kind of a mistake on everyone’s part,” said Ethan Van Thillo.

Although major theater chains backed away from the film, independent operators like Ethan Van Thillo say it is a matter of fighting back against censorship.

“This group of independent movie theaters across the nation, called “art house convergence” kind of all got together signed a petition and really urged Sony to release this film. Again this whole idea, there shouldn’t be censorship. We believe in freedom of expression and we shouldn’t have fear,” he said.

Gavin Bullock already has a ticket for later this week.

“I think it’s a dangerous precedent to pull a movie like this because somebody makes a threat,” he said.

There are give screenings set for Christmas, all sold out.

“We’re getting a lot of compliments on, you know, going ahead and having the courage to show the film,” said Van Thillo.

The film reviews?

Television shows are mocked almost as gleefully as the Northern Koreans.

The prediction is a lot of people will want to see it, if not for the humor, then for the discussion it inspires about artistic freedom and censorship.

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