Dillon Baxter chats with the Warhawks

Dillon Baxter found himself in a place he thought he’d never be again: in a high school classroom. Even more incredulous? The former Mission Bay Buccaneer star front and center at Western League rival Madison.

“I can’t say ‘Go Warhawks’ to you all, my roots won’t let me,” he joked.

But Baxter wasn’t on campus for fun and games. He was there to impart some life lessons of his own – to take the struggles of his college life and use them to warn others to stay off the same path.

“When you’re talking to kids, it’s a little different,” Baxter said. “Especially as an athlete, you always want a younger athlete to do well, and being from San Diego, represent.”

Baxter pulled no punches, discussing drugs, coaches and nightlife to the students. He also talked about what it felt like to live in a Division III campus after the bright lights of Los Angeles fame.

“To be the number one player in the nation, and then go all the way to Baker…you do not want to do that,” Baxter said. “People know who I am, [and they would say] there’s Dillon, there’s the failure.

“I had all sorts of people telling me to stop, stop. I said, ‘What do you mean? I will shake you. You stop.'”

The students were receptive to the message.

“If it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone,” Madison quarterback Kareem Coles said. “I’m going to take his words and not fall into that category.”

“He was just where they were,” Madison coach Rick Jackson said. “They hear me talk all the time. For them to listen to someone who’s in the spotlight, and went through some of the struggles [is great].

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