Diplomats from around the world tour the border wall in San Diego

OTAY MESA (KUSI) – They came to the San Diego border from 20-different nations with 20 different immigration systems. While each nation has some kind of policy, the policy of Rwanda is open borders.

“We don’t have any visas or anything like that. Our country is peaceful now and we let anyone in,” says the Ambassador of Rwanda.

Just 25 years ago, Rwanda was waging civil war where almost one-million people were killed because of their religion.

“Our country is peaceful now,” says Mathilde Mukantabana of Rwanda.

On the other hand, the Ambassador from Latvia says things are similar to the United States.

“Oh yeah, we have walls, drones and cameras, sensors and people on the ground, just like most countries around the world,” says Hans Liss of Latvia.

His nation shares a border with Russia, which is where most of the migration happens.

During their very brief tour of the San Diego border with Mexico, they saw a lot of developments.

In a place that once had no fence at all, now has two layers. The primary fence is 18 feet high, the secondary fence is 30-feet high and both are see through.

At one point along the border, there are four different fence styles, including the old scrap metal left over from the Viet Nam War.

This international tour was sponsored by the US State Department as a way to bring reality to the images and stories they have heard of television for the past two years.

Monday they took a tour and KUSI’s Dan Plante was there with the 35 diplomats getting the details.

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