District 2 Councilman Ed Harris on his first 100 days

New District 2 Councilmember Ed Harris joined us on Good Morning San Diego Tuesday to talk about his first 100 days in office.  

“It’s been great,” said Harris.  “We’re getting a lot of stuff done and meeting with a lot of constituents to see what’s on their minds and (learn) what the government can do to help them out.”

Harris was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Mayor Kevin Faulconer and serve out his term.  But since Harris was appointed he was not eligible to run in the subsequent election, won in the June primary by Lorie Zapf.  

“I’m heading back to the beach, but I’m still in the community,” said Harris, a City of San Diego lifeguard.

Commenting on Monday’s City Council vote on raising the minimum wage – 6-3 in favor, along party lines – Harris said he expects Mayor Faulconer to veto the proposal, and the Council to subsequently override the veto.  The business community has threatened to start a petition for a referendum to overturn any such action.

“Hopefully they won’t.  I think it would be better if they realized people can’t live on $1,500 a month.”

Also on Monday, the Council voted to regulate e-cigarettes.

“They’re not being regulated by any of the state or federal organizations.  They’re being sold with flavors that are attractive to kids, they’re being sold in areas that are accessible to minors, and we felt there needed to be some regulation.  We’ll revisit this in three years, and if at that point there is some proof that they’re not harmful then the Council at the time will address it.”

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