District 3 Supervisor candidate Terra Lawson-Remer details support for raising taxes on businesses

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The 2020 election is about three weeks away, and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 3 race will decide which party will have majority control.

Incumbent County Supervisor representing District 3, Kristin Gaspar, is being challenged by Democrat candidate Terra Lawson-Remer.

Lawson-Remer was recently endorsed by Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, who has been the sole vote against any expedited safe reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic. Both Lawson-Remer and Fletcher are attacking Gaspar for her support of President Trump. In response, Gaspar says Lawson-Remer is supported and funded by the radical Bill Ayers, leader of the Weather Underground.

Lawson-Remer proudly told KUSI’s Paul Rudy that she is “an Obama-Biden Democrat.”

A major policy difference between Gaspar and Lawson-Remer surrounds Proposition 15. Prop 15 “would amend the California State Constitution to require commercial and industrial properties, except those zoned as commercial agriculture, to be taxed based on their market value.”

Lawson-Remer has praised Proposition 15 and urges San Diegans to vote “Yes.” A “Yes” vote on Prop 15 “supports the constitutional amendment to require commercial and industrial properties, except those zoned as commercial agriculture, to be taxed based on their market value, rather than their purchase price.”

On the other hand, Supervisor Gaspar and other notable elected leaders in San Diego, including Mayor Faulconer, are strongly against Prop 15 because it would raise taxes on small business owners in the middle of a pandemic where many businesses owners are struggling to not have to permanently close due to the economic damage caused. A “No” vote on Prop 15 “opposes this constitutional amendment, thus continuing to tax commercial and industrial properties based on a property’s purchase price, with annual increases equal to the rate of inflation or 2-percent, whichever is lower.”

Lawson-Remer says she “is a strong supporter of small businesses,” and defends her support for Prop 15 explaining, “I think it’s too bad that Chevron and Dell and these big companies are spending so much money to pull the wool over their eyes frankly, and this is what’s happened around the country. And that’s why Joe Biden endorses Prop 15, and I stand with Joe Biden on this as well.”

She went on to say these big companies need to “pay their fair share.” KUSI’s Paul Rudy asked what their fair share is, to which Lawson-Remer replied by explaining big businesses transfer property without having their property reassessed, avoiding the property tax increase.

KUSI’s Paul Rudy pointed out these big businesses employ thousands of people across the country, and pay other taxes as a result, like payroll taxes. Lawson-Remer said that still isn’t enough and continued to advocate for raising taxes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Opponents of Lawson-Remer fear that if she wins, she will vote in accordance with Supervisor Fletcher on all issues, including the prevention of any expedited re-openings.

Mayor Faulconer spoke about his strong opposition to Proposition 15 on Good Morning San Diego shortly after Lawson-Remer’s interview.

The complete KUSI News election special between both candidates running for San Diego County Supervisor District 3 is below:

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