District Attorney candidate campaign ad incites opposition

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – District Attorney candidate Robert Brewer released a
campaign video Thursday, touting an endorsement from Father Joe Carroll, and
campaign staffers for incumbent Bonnie Dumanis immediately disputed Brewer's
credentials mentioned in the ad.

The 31-second video, which can be seen on Brewer's website, features
iconic homeless advocate Carroll explaining why he'll vote for Brewer in the
June 3 primary election.

“Bob Brewer is a decorated war hero, a widely respected state and
federal prosecutor and most important to me, a man of great integrity,” said
Carroll, who is semi-retired. “And that's what we need in that office.”

Jennifer Tierney of Dumanis took issue with Carroll a federal
prosecutor, saying he's a defense attorney.

“Bob Brewer is clearly trying to pull the wool over the eyes of San
Diego County voters,” Tierney said in a prepared release. “Releasing an
untruthful ad is not acceptable from a candidate who wants to be the county's
top law enforcement official.”

She called for Brewer to pull the ad from his website – at
www.robertbrewerforda.com – and correct any future version.

Alex Roth of Brewer's campaign told City News Service Brewer was a state
prosecutor for two years and a federal prosecutor for five years. About 15
percent of Brewer's current private practice work is in criminal defense law,
Roth said.

A press release touting the endorsement quoted Carroll calling Brewer a
“widely respected former state and federal prosecutor.” But in the video,
Carroll does not use the word “former.”

Roth said that Dumanis hasn't tried a case in court for “over a quarter
century.” He said he would compare Brewer's record as a prosecutor to Dumanis'
any time.

“I couldn't be more honored to have Father Joe's support,” Brewer
said. “His decades of tireless charitable work have made him a local hero. No
one cares more about San Diego than Father Joe, which is why I am so proud to
have his endorsement.”

Tierney said the Dumanis campaign has “the utmost respect” for Carroll
and his right to endorse a candidate of his choosing.

Former Deputy District Attorney Terri Wyatt is also in the race to
topple Dumanis, who is running for her fourth term and was unopposed last time.

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