District Attorney releases 25-Year officer-involved shooting analysis

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – An updated analysis of officer-involved shootings in San Diego County is revealing commonalities in many of the incidents, including the time and day of the week they occur, the impact of drug use, and the use of less-lethal force.

The study shows that between 1993 and 2017, 451 people were involved in violent confrontations with police in San Diego County, which ended with them being shot or killed. Fifty-five percent of the shootings were fatal and 79 percent of the incidents included people who had drugs in their systems and/or mental health issues.

Of the 65 percent with drugs in their system, methamphetamine topped the list. The most frequent time of day for a deadly encounter was the midnight hour of Friday. The most frequent encounters were traffic-related stops and domestic violence incidents.

Helen Woodward Animal Center plans to present San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan with the 2019 “Humane Award.”

The Humane Award is presented annually by Helen Woodward Animal Center President, Mike Arms, to a person or entity that has made a significant positive impact on the animal welfare world – devoting time, energy, and resources to improving the quality of life for orphaned animals.

“It means a lot to me to present this year’s Humane Award to someone who is working on a political level to make such an important difference in the world of animal welfare,” stated Helen Woodward Animal Center President Mike Arms, “DA Summer Stephan is an exemplary leader who is modeling the way we hope other states will begin to look at animal cruelty cases. We are honored to call her a friend to Helen Woodward Animal Center.”

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