District to expedite recalls

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education voted this week to expedite recalls for some 500 recently laid off employees starting next week because of changes to state funding and attrition.

The four present board members voted unanimously to expedite the recalls of about 400 teachers, nurses and counselors, and some 100 administrative support staff which stem from adoption of the state budget, which included $4 billion in newly projected revenue, and AB 114 which directs school districts to adhere to the funding specified in the budget.

The amount of money the district will receive to add to the $1.057 billion operating budget adopted last Tuesday is not known because state increases of funds per student were offset by cuts to mental health, transportation and child care.

The revised budget calculations are “going to have to be done in a very timely manor and we're not there yet,” board Vice President John Lee Evans said. “These reductions need to be calculated as soon as possible so we will know what is our increase in revenue. “

The motion passed tonight ensures staff be restored as soon as possible to keep employees from accepting other positions before they are recalled and to allow students' families to plan based on accurate information on academic programs and class size, Evans said.

The board's action also called for the district not to hire new staff unless no laid off employee was qualified for the position.

“Because we are able to recall some staff, I'd like to publicly make sure that the superintendent and all of his staff do everything possible during this month to make sure that the teachers are recalled, and recalled in time so they could go back to their original positions and original sites,” Evans said.

One district employee affected was Mike Martinez, advanced placement teacher and football coach at Patrick Henry High School, who was laid off and received a subsequent job offer from another district.

“I feel very fortunate that I do have a job, but I also have a responsibility to about 115 young men in my program and a responsibility to my AP students who think they have me in class next year,” ” Martinez said.

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