Divers encounter Great White Shark up close off the coast of Torrey Pines in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A group of local surfers and divers were out off the coast of Torrey Pines State Beach last weekend, when they encountered a Great White Shark swimming very close to them.

Josh Miller and Richard Daly were part of the crew that that caught the encounter on video, and told KUSI’s Paul Rudy that they were simply diving for lobster and any other big fish they can legally catch.

Miller explained at one point, the shark was swimming right at them, and they were prepared to poke it with their spear guns, to see if the shark became more aggressive and then they would be prepared to shoot it.

Underwater, the crew was unable to communicate, but were holding each other shoulder to shoulder, just in case the shark continued toward them.

They were able to safely get in their boat, but explained the shark followed them all the way back, and then started circling.

Daly and Miller says they may take a break from diving for a short period, and are not going to do any solo dives in the near future.

Josh Miller posted additional photos of the up-close encounter to his personal Instagram page here.

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