Donald Trump endorses House Speaker Paul Ryan for re-election

WISCONSIN (KUSI) — Donald Trump held a rally Friday in Green Bay Wisconsin and he made an unusual endorsement.

The GOP presidential candidate endorsing a GOP House member isn’t normally usual, but this is Trump and he’s been refusing to stand with mainstream Republican leaders.

Maybe that’s changing.

Trump is running against Hillary Clinton, but some say his feud with Republican Congressional leaders is getting in the way.

Earlier this week, Trump refused to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan, or John McCain, saying he wasn’t ready yet.

And that triggered the outcry that the Republicans are in disarray and Trump’s campaign is going rouge.

But that changed again in Wisconsin.

Trump even evoked the name Ronald Reagan, talking about GOP unity and the so-called big tent of politics.

He previously said Ryan was part of the, "Washington Establishment."

The rally room was packed with people waiting to hear Trump and Pence speak.

Friday night, he was onboard, endorsing McCain for re-election and Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin Congressional Primary next week. 

Remember back in May when Paul Ryan said he wasn’t ready yet to endorse Trump for president?

Well Trump turned that around on him this week.

Trump’s political brand is to rattle the pillars in Washington, but Friday night he said, " … It’s not about me … It’s about America." 

But as we have learned with Donald Trump, let’s wait to see what next week holds for the campaign trail. 

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