Donald Trump’s presidential campaign takes chaotic turn, making safety a concern at rallies

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Donald Trump’s candidacy continues to stir controversy across America, with protests in Chicago forcing the presidential hopeful to cancel his rally on Friday. Protesters and supporters clashed in the Windy City, with violence breaking out and the decision to cancel the event made as a safety precaution. Things only escalated Saturday morning near Dayton, Ohio, with a protester attempting to rush Trump while he was on stage at another rally, forcing Secret Service officers to surround him to ensure his safety. 

Disruptions continued Saturday evening, with more protesters being thrown out of Trump’s rally in Kansas City and police resorting to the use of pepper spray to control the crowd. Tensions are high with primaries, debates and rallies for candidates creating a whirlwind political environment. Trump’s rhetoric, as his candidates contended following the chaotic turn of events, is at the heart of the discord. 

What if things took an even darker turn, though, and a protester with a firearm took aim at Trump? We spoke with national security expert Ron Bee, who spent time working at the Pentagon, to gain insight on how that could affect the presidential race. He pointed to the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy as an example of this happening from a historical perspective. 

"Let’s think back to 1968 when Robert Kennedy was running for president and was assassinated right up the road in Los Angeles at the Ambassador hotel. It changed the whole election," Bee recalled. "Since Robert Kennedy’s assassination, that is when presidential candidates have had the opportunity to have protection from the Secret Service."

"It’s very dangerous to run for president because you’re going to become the most important person in the world," Bee added. "Sometimes folks thinks it’s so important, in fact, that they want to take you out."

Safety is key in such a tense presidential race, and whether or not Trump deserves blame for creating a "toxic environment" — as fellow Republican candidate John Kasich said in response to the recent string of incidents — his protection is in the hands of the Secret Service. 

It looks like Donald Trump is definitely going to need it.

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