Dot Cocktail Lounge owner, Philanzo King reacts to extended mask mandate

BARRIO lOGAN (KUSI) – The state of California has extended the indoor mask-wearing mandate until Feb. 15 due to the current increase in COVID infections. The state claimed the mandate would originally expire on Jan. 15th, but most critics correctly predicted it would be extended.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon visited the Dot Cocktail Lounge in Barrio Logan to get reaction to the extension from business owner, Philanzo King. King went into detail on how he believes this is only the beginning and fears the extension will lead to a lockdown in 2022.

King says, “I do not believe business owners in San Diego will comply if we get ‘shutdown’ again. We’ve learned that lockdowns don’t work.”

The Thursday before New Years Eve, KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke with Philanzo King and he predicted 2022, wasn’t going to be any better than 2021. King said, “The Governor sees increasing COVID-19 cases and immediately thinks about shutting us down. We learned that restaurants and bars were not the problem in spreading the virus.”


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