DOT Cocktail Lounge owner says ‘science’ isn’t justifying small business shutdowns

BARRIO LOGAN (KUSI) – Businesses across California continue to struggle to survive under the restrictions of Gavin Newsom’s regional stay-at-home order.

Making things even worse, Newsom announced Monday that the stay-at-home order will likely extend longer than the minimum three weeks due to rising cases and hospitalizations.

The owner of DOT Cocktail Lounge, Philanzo King, wasn’t pleased to hear Newsom’s announcement, as his bar has been forced to close for too long already. King explained he still has to pay 100% of his bills, and will have “even more of a strain” on his pocketbook since minimum wage is set to increase in 2021 on top of all of it.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke with King live on Good Morning San Diego to share his concerns with the government restrictions and see what he believes would be more helpful to small business owners during this time.

King questioned the motives of our elected officials decision to shut down small businesses when the “science” shows they aren’t contributing the spread of coronavirus. King explained, “there is not togetherness” about our response to the coronavirus pandemic.

King said, “It’s shut down small businesses, make the economy thrive somehow, yet as a small business owner, what do I do? Who do I complain to? Who do I go to and say, this is what I need, what is my next move? I can’t go to our local government because they feel the shutdown is doing some justice.”

Continuing, “If our hospital beds are still being filled, it cannot be the small businesses because all the other businesses are thriving right now.”

King thanked KUSI News for sharing his opinion with the San Diego community.




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