Double Time! & Get To Work!

Monday, January 14, 2013 – When public projects seem to drag on forever, KUSI viewers know they can call on Michael Turko for help. Tonight Turko has big progress to report on two projects that seemed to be going nowhere until he got involved. 

    People love to joke and complain about how long it takes city workers to get a simple job done. Well, there's some of that here but after Turko opened a file on this case, we've never seen city crews work so fast. The city says they only rebuild sidewalks when there's a genuine public safety issue involved.    

    Out in the east county another public works project is moving right along after it got a little shove from the Turko files. The county says they spent the last two years trying to get federal and state grants to pay for the work but finally they bit the bullet, and decided to pay for it themselves.

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