Dozens arrested in San Diego gang sweep

The name of the gang is the West Coast Crips, who authorities say have wreaked havoc in San Diego for way too long. It wasn’t that long ago the History Channel came to San Diego to tell the story of the city’s gang problem. But the fact is, several years later, members of law enforcement have fewer gang members to be worried about thanks to a super successful Thursday morning raid. The numbers on the take-down, as announced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office: over 500 officers and agents raided dozens of locations where they arrested 45 gang members – most of who belong to one of the nation’s most violent gangs, the West Coast Crips. But authorities say the West Coast Crips are not only violent, but ruthless: more than willing to take out other gang members, and in some cases, willing to take out fellow gang members – even female gang associates. 

West Coast gang members pose for a selfie at Logan Heights crime scene where they murder a female gang associate after she criticizes the gang in a Facebook post.

“The West Coast Crips is a criminal street gang that has been around for about 30 years,” said U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy. “It claims to have hundreds of members. The membership can be gained through family connections or through acts of loyalty to the gang. Those acts of loyalty are typically acts of violence.”

Many of the 45 arrests are made possible because of something called the RICO Statute, a commonly used legal tool used in fighting organized crime, which is what authorities say many San Diego gangs have morphed into.

“The RICO charges that we have returned today can be viewed as nothing less than a virtual wrecking ball.”

But the fact is, despite San Diego’s reputation as a safe city, the gang problem is real. And just hours ago, the FBI announced the arrest in Las Vegas of one of the gang’s leaders.

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