Dozens of black leaders honored by City Council

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The San Diego City Council honored about three dozen
black business, community and spiritual leaders Tuesday as part of an observance
of Black History Month.

“We've come a long way, and we have a long way to go,” said council
President Tony Young, who presented a proclamation declaring it Black History
Month in the city of San Diego. “We are going to get there, I'm certain.”

Many successful Americans of African descent owe their success to people
like those being honored by the council, he said.

“Those people helped raise, educate, oversee recreational events for
our children; they make sure our children get to school safely; they ensure the
libraries are open and up to date; they make sure our residents are
knowledgeable and help them plan for future land use; they feed us naturally
and spiritually; and they beautify us and keep all of us healthy,” Young said.

The proclamation recognizes the contributions of:

      — Brenda Adams;
      — L.C. Anthony;
      — Betty Cherry;
      — Josephine Cherry;
      — Pastor Don Conley;
      — Joan Conliff;
      — Pastor Vernon Cooper;
      — Dr. Victor Crawford;
      — Albert Dandriff;
      — Clarence Garner;
      — Pastor Reginald Gary;
      — Glenda Gates;
      — Dorothy James;
      — Shirley Jones;
      — Shirley Junior;
      — Roz King;
      — Pastor Ikenna Kokayi;
      — Pastor Willie Manley;
      — Dee Dee McClure;
      — Pastor Eric Miller;
      — Richard Minor;
      — Willie Morrow;
      — Diane Moss;
      — Rosemary Pope
      — Sadie Rackley;
      — Hartwell Ragsdale;
      — Cathy Ramsey;
      — Kitty Reed;
      — Pastor John Ringgold;
      — Robbie Robinson;
      — Earl Stansberry;
      — Cecil Steppe;
      — John Warren;
      — Shelley White;
      — Pastor J.L. Whitmill;
      — Jacinth Williams; and
      — Lee Wright.

Council members gave the honorees a standing ovation after they were

Steppe, president of Gompers Preparatory Academy, said his hope was that
“we will move from a Black History Month to an American history that
includes our contributions.”

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