Dr. Alman: Stress tips during quarantine

San Diego (KUSI) – According to his website, Dr Brian Alman, Ph.D. is one of the leading mind-body stress experts in the world using clinically-proven mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, guided imagery and self-efficacy  tools to help people let go of the past and present challenges from relationships, subconscious patterns and traumas so they may live happier, more successful (inside and out) resilient lives.

Dr. Brian Alman, Author & PhD in Psychology, shared some stress advice on Good Morning San Diego.

Some tips on how to cope successfully with quarantine.

PACE…..We must all figure out how to cope our best by helping ourselves at our own pace:
• Are You A Turtle or a Racehorse?

CONSISTENCY….Consistency with our healthy & positive coping routines by writing these down & having a daily checklist:
*Eating Intelligently
*Drinking Water
*Sleeping 7-8 Hours
*Social Connections
*Stress Management & Relaxation

INNER EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE……Dealing with the Unknowns — like how long will this last? Is sooner better?  Is slower better? Vaccine? Meds? Testing?
* requires conversations
* self talk
* watching tv & responding to the conversation
*journal — imagine reading this journal 5 years from now.



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