Dr. Georgine Nanos asserts the vaccine is safe and urges everyone to get it

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As Californians prepare for the state’s full reopening on June 15th, there’s still confusion looming around face mask mandates and other restrictions.

Plus, our elected leaders continue to work overtime to push vaccination on those who have not yet received one, but are not promising fully vaccinated people will be able to return to normal life.

For example, Cal/OSHA is proposing a plan that would require masks in workplaces where some employees are not yet vaccinated.

If passed, the plan would keep 6-feet of social distancing and Plexiglass requirements in place until July 31. It also mandates mask wearing for all employees whether vaccinated or not, if the entire office is not fully vaccinated. Employers would have to supply N95 masks if some are not vaccinated, and documentation of vaccination status would have to be kept on file.

The state agency will vote on the proposal on June 4.

But demand for the vaccine has plummeted in San Diego County, and the uncertainty around being able to return to normal life after vaccination may be one of the many reasons why.

For example, on April 28, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher adamantly told vaccinated San Diegans they cannot ditch their masks and return to normal life because continuing to abide by the restriction is a “recognition that a lot of people haven’t gotten vaccinated.”

Then during Wednesday’s county health briefing, KUSI followed up on that question by asking, “are vaccinated people safe from those who have not been vaccinated?” Instead of confirming vaccinated people are safe, Dr. Seema Shah from Rady Children’s Hospital, casted doubt on their effectiveness, explaining that post vaccination infections are an expected result.

Dr. Shah added that, “of the 1.5 plus million fully vaccinated individuals, we’ve seen about 419 of these post vaccination infections. This represents a very small number, .03% of those cases.”

San Diego County Health Officials are saying vaccinated people need to continue wearing masks because some people aren’t yet vaccinated, tout stats that say only .03% of vaccinated people have been infected, but stop short of confirming vaccinated people are safe from the unvaccinated.

Dr. Georgine Nanos joined KUSI’s Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego to explain to those may be hesitant, that the vaccine is safe and will protect you from the unvaccinated.

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