Dr. Hacker addresses the latest coronavirus questions and concerns

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, health officials are advising the public not to do things like panic buy or spend time in crowds.

Dr. Mona Hacker, from Horizon Clinical Research, joined us again on Good Morning San Diego as the coronavirus continues to spread and more businesses, schools, and ways of everyday life change.

Dr. Hacker addressed some questions or concerns people may have regarding coronavirus and the impact it is having on public health.

We get out of this pandemic by mass screening, contact tracing, selective quarantines and other concepts, according to Hacker. She discussed when will California peak, what could things look like and the racial inequalities we are seeing; “no one has an exact answer on this but it most likely stems from things like access, cultural norms, mistrust of the system and socioeconomic conditions,” said Hacker.

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