Dr. Jeff Barke explains ‘we have lost all common sense’ regarding ongoing COVID regulations

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After weeks of insisting that those who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus infection could safely go without face coverings in most situations, public health officials in San Diego County reversed course Tuesday, recommending mask-wearing indoors for everyone.

The announcement came late Tuesday afternoon, hours after a comparable change in national policy put into effect by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Jeff Barke is not supportive of the mask mandates, especially for vaccinated people, emphasizing the fact that young children and healthy adults have very little risk to COVID-19.

Futhermore, Dr. Barke explained, “our immune system is far more powerful than the very, very narrow, vaccine induce immunity. We need to get the actual science out there, not the politics. We are playing politics with people’s lives, and when it comes to children, parents need to push back.”

Barke asserts masks are not effective in stopping the spread of the virus, but says people who believe they work, are free to wear one. Citing many highly credited studies, Barke explained, “I continue to believe that masks play very little role. And by the way, if you’re one that believes masks are effective in protecting you, then by all means wear a mask. But if you have a mask on, then you shouldn’t care whether I have a mask on.”

Continuing, “if you are vaccinated, and you believe the vaccine offers excellent protection, then you shouldn’t care if I’m vaccinated. We’ve lost all common sense here, and this has turned into a political game. Not a discussion about science.”

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