Dr. Jeff Barke says New England Journal’s anti-Trump article on COVID is filled with mistruths

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Wednesday, the New England Journal of Medicine published an unprecedented editorial, blasting the Trump Administration’s handling of the coronavirus response, calling the national leaders “dangerously incompetent.”

It is very unusual for the medical journal to speak on politics, but they have now stepped in to the political arena less than a month away from election day.

Dr. Jeff Barke said the journal speaking on politics “is the equivalent of the Wall Street Journal editorial board writing a scientific piece. We would all shake our heads and wonder why.”

Barke continued to explain the New England Journal of Medicine’s, “opinion piece is just filled with half truths and inaccuracies in my opinion.”

Board Certified Primary Care Physician, Dr. Jeff Barke, joined KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego via Zoom to discuss the shocking editorial.

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