Dr. Jeff Barke says there is very little evidence asymptomatic people spread coronavirus

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom said that it was “likely” Southern California will remain under the state’s latest stay-at-home order as the region continues to operate over 85% ICU capacity amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But, some medical professionals differ on the threat posed by COVID-19, and the effectiveness of the lockdown policies.

It has been three weeks since Newsom’s latest lockdown took effect, and cases are higher than they were before. Dr. Jeff Barke, says this proves that “shutdowns don’t work.”

Furthermore, Dr. Barke explained that there “is very little evidence” asymptomatic people spread COVID-19. As you know, fears of asymptomatic spread was how our politicians justified their lockdown orders.

Dr. Barke also reinforced his opposition to the lockdowns by citing the extremely high survivability rate of coronavirus. Dr. Barke explained, “if you are less than 25-years-old, you have a survivability rate of something like 99.997%. And so, young people should go about their business.”

Dr. Barke criticized politicians like Supervisor Nathan Fletcher who continue to advocate for lockdowns saying, “closing restaurants is not based on science, it’s based on fear, especially outdoor dining.”

As the days go by, more and more restaurant/business owners are pushing back against our elected leaders “tyrannical rule,” and Dr. Barke is glad to see it.

Dr. Barke discussed his opposition to the lockdowns in more detail with KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Evening San Diego.


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