Dr. Kelly Victory says ‘we are in a full blown casedemic’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Local law enforcement says they will be making sure all COVID-19 advisories are followed as we enter the holiday season. The law enforcement agencies say they will start by giving violators warnings and passing out PPE.

In San Diego County, both the Carlsbad and Chula Vista Police Departments say they’ve already been educating the public on safe behaviors. They have found most people to be obeying the public health orders, and will issue citations or refer cases to the District Attorney.

As we approach Thanksgiving, the CDC released new guidelines for people to follow to ensure safety on the holiday.

As you can see (below), it has separated activities into “lower” and “moderate” risk categories.

Cdc Guidelines For Thanksgiving

Trauma and Emergency Room Physician, Dr. Kelly Victory, joined KUSI News to discuss these new guidelines, and explain why we don’t need to panic as cases surge across the state and here in California.

Dr. Victory believes “we are in a full blown casedemic,” and explained many of the new cases are among people who have no risk, and have experienced no symptoms from the virus. They will likely survive and be perfectly okay.

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