Dr. Scott Atlas: California’s lockdowns caused a tremendous amount of harm

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s been over a years since the coronavirus pandemic took center stage in the United States.

And since it began, elected officials leading the response have been wrong time and time again, constantly presenting us with inconsistent and confusing messaging to this day.

The rest of the country, in mainly red states, reopened their economies months ago, and saw no significant difference to the blue states that implemented lockdowns for most of the year. Here in California, we are still under lockdown, and our health officials at the state and county level, still claim they are “following the science.”

Dr. Scott Atlas, a Robert Wesson Senior Fellow, Hoover Institute, and former member of President Trump’s coronavirus task force, has routinely appeared on KUSI News since the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. Atlas constantly explained that most people have no risk from the coronavirus, and that extended lockdowns would bring many unintended negative consequences.

During his first interview on KUSI, back on May 7, 2020, Dr. Atlas explained that “the extension of a total lockdown is not the way to proceed, it does not follow the science,” adding that our health officials “need to make some significant changes.”

Over a year later, Dr. Atlas’ warnings have been proven to be correct.

Following up on his warning, KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries asked if any of our elected learned anything since that day over a year ago. Atlas responded saying, “well, some of the elected officials did. Particularly the governor of Florida did, not so much the governor of California. And that’s not meant to be a political statement at all, it’s simply based on the results of what was done.”

Atlas continued, “what the results show from all over the country, and all over the world. Number one, the lockdowns not only failed to save the lives of the elderly, they failed. But they also were no different than outcomes, and some cases were even worse, than the states that didn’t have lockdowns, particularly Florida.”

Comparing the data between California and Florida, Dr. Atlas said, “Florida did better, in age adjusted mortality, than California…Florida did better than 40 states.” Adding that in excess mortality,  “Florida beat two-thirds of the states, those are the states that did lockdowns. You have to realize what was done here, was completely against the evidence.”

Atlas asserted that the people who recommended the lockdowns, are now responsible for everything that has resulted. To make matters worse, Atlas said the data shows that the lockdowns hurt low-income families the most.

Dr. Atlas is in California and noticed that there are so many young people still walking around with masks on. “Okay, these people don’t even have a significant risk of the disease, let alone the fact that they are outside. Everybody knew, even when I said it, that masks are not necessary when outside for general population, the data has proven that over and over again. Even Dr. Fauci says we knew all along that there wasn’t a lot of transmission outside. Okay yes, we knew all along, but only one of us was saying it.”

Concluding, Dr. Atlas said the new story is the politicization of science, is a moral corruption because their pseudoscience has destroyed so many people lives and many others have lost trust in our leaders.

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