Dr. Scott Atlas explains lockdowns are hurting low-income families the most

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – CDC guidelines and health officials are now saying what Dr. Scott Atlas has been saying for months, which is that opening schools for our children is safe, and always has been safe since children have an extremely low risk to the coronavirus.

Florida’s schools and businesses have been open since last Summer, and their data is much better than ours here in California, but our political leaders seem to refuse to admit this.

But, San Diego teachers union don’t want to get back in the classroom until they’ve been vaccinated because they claim it is too dangerous. Dr. Atlas responded to their claims saying, “it’s frustrating to hear people say stuff like that. It’s particularly dangerous because these are the people teaching our children and they obviously don’t understand the first thing about what’s happening.”

Addressing the concerns of the teachers union, Dr. Atlas said, “the difference between a school and the rest of the community is that their safer, they are low-risk environments. That’s point number one. Point number two, in-person schools must be open because kids have very low risk of any serious disease and a nearly zero risk of dying from this. The enormous harms that have been articulated about closing in-person schools, and they are particularly harmful to people who are working class and poor children. And there is nothing more important than educating our children.”

Atlas went on to explain that this isn’t new, opening schools for children has proven to be safe all around the world, and questioned why some teachers unions and politicians refuse to admit this.

Dr. Scott Atlas concluded by saying that the failed lockdown policies are ruining people’s lives, and hurting low-income and minority families the most.

Atlas believes the politicians continuing to push the lockdown policies have disregarded all of the unintended consequences that occurred as a result. Explaining, “the disastrous effects of the lockdowns must be considered because they are much worse for minorities and lower income families than the affluent people who are sitting their having Zoom meetings from their home in the Hamptons.”

While working in the White House as a Senior Advisor to President Trump, Atlas pushed for lifting the “failed” lockdown policies, and continues to do so now that Biden Administration has taken over.

Atlas concluded saying, “the political class and the elite class, their not really impacted by this, it’s the working class and the poor who take the brunt of this, and that’s a disgrace for this country. We need to open up, this is the biggest failure and the public policy officials never considered the impact of the policies themselves, they just focused on stopping COVID-19 at all costs, and that has become an obsession instead of understanding that public health policy is supposed to take into account the harms in all health measures for everyone.” Adding, “this has been a failure, it’s still a failure, we’re living in a very bizarre world in the country, and particularly certain states like my state, California, and your state, let’s help it ends soon.”

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