Dr. Scott Atlas: “Lockdowns didn’t work, they were extraordinarily harmful”

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Dr. Scott Atlas was selected by President Donald Trump for a position on the White House Coronavirus Task Force during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. He served as Trump’s advisor through the course of the pandemic where he encouraged Americans to stand against the censorship of social media and the Left.

He consistently brought evidence to the public’s attention that was contrary to the advice of mainstream healthcare, mainstream social media, and the liberal political agenda. In 2020, Dr. Atlas was temporarily banned by Twitter for a tweet that directly quoted the CDC’s findings on the ineffectiveness of masks. He consistently reminded the public that data on lockdowns proved they were extremely harmful to low income families and children and that herd immunity could better protect the public.

Dr. Atlas was a Professor and Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center. He also authored four books on health care policy. As a past advisor to the President, he recommended the public watch out for another lapse in free speech rights in America. He also demanded a public apology by health officials who misled the public through the pandemic, like. Dr. Fouci.

Dr. Atlas joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on “Good Morning San Diego” to discuss censorship and what the public can do to protect themselves against misinformation in the future.

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