Dr. Scott Atlas responds to criticism after suggesting people ‘rise up’ against lockdowns

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) – Adviser to the President, Dr. Scott Atlas, is receiving backlash from those on the left after telling Michigan residents to “rise up” against the Governor’s new COVID-19 lockdown orders.

Dr. Atlas made it clear he is not a political activist, but said he was simply addressing the thousands of emails a day that he receives from people asking what they can do to fight back against the government overreach.

Many people were quick to criticize Atlas’ suggestion, mostly from the left, and went as far as accusing him of trying to incite violence against the Governor of Michigan.

But as a result of the lockdowns, people are struggling to survive economically, physically and mentally. Atlas said what he meant by the tweet was “the local people are the ones who determine what happens, I am not inciting any kind of demonstration or anything like that. I did not, and would never incite any kind of violence, I don’t believe in that sort of thing, and that is really not at all what I meant.”

Dr. Atlas said, “we know the lockdowns don’t work, they do not eliminate the virus, we see it all over the world. We have 80% of people in the US wearing masks, we have all these various levels of restrictions on businesses, on in-person schools, and the virus is not eliminated by that.”

Atlas is also very critical of the decision to close in-person schools, saying it is very detrimental to our youth. “We should know by now that schools should not be closed. In-person schools should be open. There’s enormous harms from not sending our children to schools, there’s enormous harms from lack of in-person socialization. It’s not just that long distance learning is a failure, it’s that the in-person socialization is missing, conflict resolution, being with friends, and we know by now, and it has sort of been admitted by everyone belatedly, that children have extremely low risk from this. It is not like the flu for them. Children have extremely low risk for themselves, and they’re not frequent transmitters, as I said months ago and was pilloried for it.”

Concluding his interview, Dr. Atlas also acknowledged that he will not be a part of the White House Coronavirus Task Force under a potential Biden Administration. Explaining, “Every administration deserves, and should, have their own people involved. That’s totally normal, we expect that, we hope they do a great job honestly.” Atlas said this job “was never about politics,” and the only reason he is working on President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force is “to save lives.”

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