Dr. Scott Atlas says it’s ‘absurd’ to try and eliminate the virus with lockdowns

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) – President Trump has quickly recovered from coronavirus and has been urging Americans to “not be afraid of the virus” and to “not let it dominate your lives.” Democrat politicians have been critical of Trump’s advice, here in San Diego and across the country.

Back in March, President Trumped warned Americans and Governors about the potential dangers of lockdowns tweeting, “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF.”

Special Adviser to the President, and Member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Scott Atlas, has been advocating the same thing, using science to prove that most Americans don’t have a risk to the coronavirus. Atlas suggests reopening society, while protecting the vulnerable population.

Earlier this week, the New England Journal of Medicine published an editorial condemning the Trump Administration for its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Scott Atlas told KUSI’s Paul Rudy the piece is “an embarrassment to the journal.” And, “it’s just the latest example of unacceptable, embarrassing delving into political editorializing rather than sticking with what they actually know, and what they are supposed to do, which is objective science.”

Dr. Atlas tweeted Thursday that “top scientists all over the world are lining up with the Donald Trump COVID-19 policy to aggressively protect the vulnerable, and OPEN schools and society! Yes – we ARE following the science! NO MORE LOCKDOWNS. #FactsMatter.”

Dr. Atlas has been a longtime advocate of using science to get through this and pointed out him and the president “have been focused on saving lives.”

Dr. Atlas was critical of the opposing strategy of mass lockdowns saying it is “reckless, unconscionable, and naive to try to ‘stop COVID-19 at all costs’ and not realize the impact of the policy of lockdowns. It has been irrefutably extraordinarily harmful sacrificing our children out of fear, destroying families, destroying really medical care, creating what I would call a catastrophic healthcare problem where they instilled so much fear in society where people didn’t bother, 40% of stroke patients didn’t call an ambulance for help.”

Here in San Diego County and across California, we have to abide by Newsom’s reopening guidelines that stresses positive coronavirus case numbers. Dr. Atlas doesn’t believe using positive case numbers is the best way to navigate through the reopening process, since so many people have no risk to the virus. The lockdowns that were implemented as a result of rising case numbers, have proven to be ineffective and the cause of much bigger issues.

For example, San Diego County fentanyl overdose deaths have spiked amid the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Cases are nearly triple the compared to the same time in 2019. Despite our local lockdown efforts, the virus continues to spread throughout the sounty, state, and country.

Atlas explained, “The fact is the cases themselves are not the most important metric here. And I just don’t understand the focus on it’s so, so dangerous. First of all it’s so naive, the virus is the virus. You really cannot eliminate the virus by a lockdown. That has been proven all around the world. You cannot eliminate the virus by hiding from it, the virus is there. And when you have social mingling, which is essential because locking down is literally killing people and destroying people’s lives, and again creating a massive problem bigger than the virus.”

Atlas proved his point about cases not being the most important cases by pointing to the 70,000 cases among college students as they returned to school. “Those cases were almost all asymptomatic. They were discovered by required testing by our brilliant university leadership. And what happened to those 70,000 positive cases? Well so far, to the best of my knowledge, there were 5 hospitalizations. And of those, I’m not sure how many needed to be hospitalized, I don’t know I wasn’t there. But this is absurd already,” he explained.

Special Adviser to the President, and Member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Scott Atlas, discussed the national efforts to reopen the country and keep our most vulnerable safe in more detail on Good Morning San Diego.


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