Dr. Victory confirms people with COVID-19 antibodies should not get vaccinated

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Now that the coronavirus vaccine is available to anyone 16 years or older, many are still wondering why they can’t return to normal life.

President Biden and VP Harris, refuse to take their masks off, even though both of them are fully vaccinated. President Biden even wore his mask on a Zoom call with world leaders, a decision White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said was meant to send “a message to the world.”

Dr. Fauci also continues to wear his mask, despite being fully vaccinated.

Senator Rand Paul both got into heated exchanges with Fauci for continuing to wear his mask after being vaccinated. Senator Paul even challenged President Biden to “burn his mask” on national television to encourage Americans to get vaccinated since people are becoming hesitant if they cannot return to normal life.

Dr. Kelly Victory joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on Good Evening San Diego to explain why mask mandates and coronavirus regulations are not necessary for vaccinated people.

Dr. Victory said she believes our health officials efforts to continue forcing vaccinated Americans to abide by the coronavirus regulations is “driving vaccine hesitancy” and “undermines people’s confidence in the vaccination process.”

Victory added, “nobody, of all people, people that are fully vaccinated should not be wearing masks. And none of us should be wearing masks outside, and kids should not be wearing masks at all.”

Furthermore, Dr. Victory explained that people with anti-bodies do not need to get vaccinated because they have natural immunity. She explained, “there is actually mounting evidence that people with existing antibodies have a higher risk of having an adverse event from taking the vaccine.”


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