Dr. Wilma Wooten disagrees with Newsom’s suggestion to wear mask in between bites of food

SACRAMENTO (KUSI) – In the latest example of suggested behavior amid the coronavirus pandemic from our government, Governor Gavin Newsom’s office told Californians to keep their mask on in between bites of food.

Newsom’s office tweeted out a graphic, that many critics say is not science based, showing how you should wear your mask while eating outside your home.

Take a bite, put your mask back on and then chew. |

Dr. Wilma Wooten was asked about the suggestion during Wednesday’s press briefing, and she wasn’t supportive of it.

Wooten didn’t directly refute the suggestion, saying she “didn’t mean any disrespect,” but explained that “we have to marry what’s practical with the associated risk.

Wooten’s full answer can be hear at the top of the page.

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