Dr. Wilma Wooten says Newsom’s reopening guidelines use ‘the appropriate metrics’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) After Gavin Newsom released color-coded reopening guidelines for California counties to adhere to in order to reopen, San Diego County hasn’t progressed.

With SDSU resuming their school year, San Diego County even feared moving backwards in the reopening process.

Business owners around the state fear permanent closure, and many even told KUSI they will not adhere to the state regulation if we are forced into the more restrictive purple tier.

As many other states across the county are much further ahead in the reopening process, KUSI asked Dr. Wilma Wooten if she thinks Governor Newsom’s reopening guidelines are too restrictive.

KUSI’s submitted question to San Diego County Health Officials read, “COVID survival rates are over 99% for people under 69-years-old, but we haven’t progressed through Newsom’s reopening stages. With false positives it is mathematically impossible to advance to the least restrictive tier. Do you think Newsom’s guidelines are too restrictive? Is anyone from the County working with the state to get our businesses reopen and bypass these guidelines?”

The last question wasn’t even read to Dr. Wooten.

Dr. Wooten responded to the question saying, “everybody talks about utilizing the hospitalization rates as factors to determine whether we close or open. But remember, hospitalization is further downstream, that’s why the focus is upstream, on testing positivity and case rates.”

Concluding, “I think the metrics we are using are the appropriate metrics.”

Dr. McDonald then addressed our point about false positives making the least restrictive tier mathematically impossible.

Dr. McDonald said they investigate the positive tests and “can determine that some of those are indeed false positive, and those are not counted as confirmed cases and we do not report on those.”

He continued to say “actual transmission of the disease in the community” is keeping us where we are, not false positives. “In fact, there is probably transmission of the disease that is not being detected because we need to do more testing, we need to do more identification. And there is such a thing as false negatives which is an important concept also” he explained.

Dr. Wooten and Dr. McDonald’s complete answers are below:


Covid 19 Survival Rates

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