Drivers in downtown may have been scammed by fake parking lot attendant

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — He looked like a parking lot attendant. He had a bright vest, a ticket book and a credit card scanner attached to his smartphone. Problem is, he was a poser, a criminal.

“I gave him $10 and he gave me this parking pass. Then, I got a $40 ticket for having a phony parking pass,” said Tony Bernhardt of San Diego.

Tony is one of the many people who got ripped off earlier this week at the ACE Parking lot at 6th and “E” streets near the Gas Lamp District.

“I gave the guy cash, the people behind me gave him their credit cards,” Bernhardt said.

“We encourage anyone who gave credit card numbers to contact their bank, dispute the charge, or cancel their cards,” said Kristin Ludwick, Ace Parking Marketing Manager.

This has happened before. The crooks have creative ways to steal money from unsuspecting people.

“We really want to get out in front of this and tell the public to beware. Ace Parking does not have people taking money, it’s all machines, these are fake parking lot attendants,” Ludwig said.

Also, and this is a big also. Normally, there are big signs warning customers that no “people” will be collecting money. Those signs had been ripped off and thrown away.

“We put the signs back up, so hopefully no one else gets ripped off,” Ludwig said.

As for Tony, the $40 ticket has been ripped up by ACE Parking. So he’s good. But anyone who used a credit card could be in trouble.

Adding another layer, the actual parking tickets issued on ACE Parking lots, go to the city and the state. If they go unpaid or ignored, it could come back to haunt you the next time you hit the DMV.

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