Drowning prevention advice for parents this Summer

(KUSI) – Rady Children’s Hospital said they have seen an increase in the total drowning victims so far this year. Officials said from January through May of 2019, Rady Children’s has seen 2 fatal drowning victims and 21 non-fatal drownings or near-drowning cases.

Trauma Medical Director, Romeo C. Ignacio Jr, joined Good Morning San Diego to give some tips:

1. Teaching kids to swim at a young age goes a long way for drowning prevention
2. Water safety for children relies on adults being informed and vigilant
3. When in the water, be sure your child has access to a Coast Guard approved life jacket
4. Be a Water Watcher by designating an adult to watch on swimming kids at all times. A Water Watcher tags remind adults to do the following:
• Maintain constant eye contact and arm’s reach of children
• Hand water watcher tag to another adult who agrees to be present
• Keep cell phone nearby in case of emergency
• Water Watcher tags a free and available at many fire stations in San Diego County or you can get them at Rady Children’s Hospital Safety Store

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